Install Cacti On CentOS 6.5

Install Cacti On CentOS 6.5

I. Install services as bellow

1. 1 Install HTTP

1. Install Service HTTP

1.2  Install Mysql

2. Install Mysql

1. 3 Install php-mysql

3. Install PHP

1.4 Install snmp

4. Install PHP-SNMP

1.5 Install Net-SNMP

5. Install NET-SNMP

1.6 Install RRDTool

6. Install RRDTool

II. Start All services

7. Start All Services

III. Install EPEL

8. Install EPEL

IV. Install Cacti

9. Install Cacti

V. Create Database “cacti” On Mysql

10. Configure Mysql

VI. Import cacti table into cacti database

11. Import Cacti Table into Cacti Database

VII. Edit file on PHP

13. Create Named Cacti On PHP

14. Create Named Cacti on PHP 2

VIII. Edit file on cacti.conf

15. Edit Cacti.conf

16. Edit Cacti.conf

IX. Uncommand on /etc/cron.d/cacti

3-10-2014 8-12-09 PM

Stop firewall and restart all service again.

17. Disable Firewall every Reboot and start services every Reboot

X. Complete configure cacti by web interface


Click on Next


Click On Next


Click On Finish


Default Username and Password is admin, admin.


Change your password at first log in.


You have done now!





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