How TO Break/Recovery password on cisco router 1800

Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco 1700 and 1800 Series Routers

Are you forget password on your router??
Don’t worry!! Here is solution.
Please follow me.

3-27-2014 4-58-49 AM

Show Version to see router version

3-27-2014 4-59-10 AM

I. Connect your PC to Router by use SecureCRT or Hyperterminal. This article I use SecureCRT.

3-27-2014 5-06-52 AM

II. Hold on Ctrl+Break key (In cause you use SecureCRT).
To see more available option:

Note: You must hold on Ctrl + Break Key then you need to turn off and turn on router. Continue hold on 60 Second and then you after you release your hand you will see as screen bellow:

How to go to ROMMON in Router 1800

Now, you are at ROMMON prompt. 

III. Use command #confreg 0x2142


IV. Use Command #Reset

3-27-2014 4-59-10 AM 4

Now, it’s being process (See screen shot)


V. Successfully


Thank you for your attention.




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